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Coimbatore, India

Our outsourcing operations centre is located at Coimbatore, South India. Coimbatore is the second largest city in the southern state of Tamilnadu.

The city is situated in the Noyyal river banks and is surrounded by the Nilagiri mountain range and is next to the beautiful state of Kerela. Coimbatore is known for its engineering industries and innovation. In the British era it used to be called as Manchester of south India for the textile mills. Recently it is recognised for the growing number of BPO and IT outsourcing centres.

Mild tropical weather, unadulterated Tamil language spoken by the locals and the spicy south Indian food are the main highlights of the city. Clients who visit us also get to relax at our beautiful surroundings. If you ever plan to visit our centre, you can very well combine the business trip with a rejuvenating holiday.

Why Coimbatore preferred over other cities?

Coimbatore is a slightly smaller city when compared to the bigger Indian cities like Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai. Because of its relative smaller size the costs are much lesser and the manpower availability is more.

In bigger cities, there is a huge competition for resources and so the attrition rate is much higher. But in smaller cities like Coimbatore, these problems do not exist and there is much better work ethic.

Also because the large number of universities and colleges in Coimbatore, we get a large pool of talents at an affordable price. These benefits are directly passed to our clients.

Our office address

Integra Global Solutions Corp
First floor, Kanapathy Towers
Near KVB Bank, Ganapathy
Coimbatore - 641 006
Tel.1: 0422 437 9555
Tel.2: 0422 432 8555

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