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About us

What you get by working with us

  • US company with branches in UK and India. You get local support with lower prices
  • Over 1600+ staff who work with small and medium size companies located across US, UK and Canada
  • Several years of experience in the bookkeeping and accounting outsourcing industry
  • Staff with educational qualifications ranging from bachelors to multiple masters degrees
  • Company with state of the art facilities with stringent security measures, which ensures the confidentiality of your data

Our beginning

Integra was started in 2004, with a focus in accounting and bookkeeping areas. We started small with a team of 3. Our primary focus was to help small and medium size companies.

Founding principle

Taking the "fear" out of outsourcing is our founding principle. Why did we choose it?

Many companies are reluctant to outsource due to a variety of fears. Our goal was to address this fear and make outsourcing easily accessible, to make outsourcing a fearless journey for small and medium businesses and take the "fear" out of outsourcing.

Our strengths

  • Experience in working with accounting practices and businesses
  • On time delivery and 100% accuracy
  • Founded by experienced outsourcing experts
  • Senior management team with knowledge of executing projects of different sizes
  • Teams with experience in working with start-ups and large corporations
  • Hand-picked employees from top universities
  • Staff experienced with USA, Canada and European accounting regulations to manage projects from inception to completion
  • Transition management experience to quickly adapt and ramp up your project
  • Staff trained rigorously in new accounting regulations and changes

Current staff strength and focus

Our current team strength is 1300+ and we are growing each month. Most of our clients are small and medium businesses and we continue to operate under our founding principle of taking the "fear" out of outsourcing.

We currently work with businesses across USA, Canada, UK and Australia. I welcome you to be a part of our family and enjoy the benefits of outsourcing. You will not be disappointed.

Ganesh Ranganathan
Founder director
Integra Global Solutions

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