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Client Testimonials

Letter of appreciation and flowers from one of our client:

"Thank you very much for all your hard work! We appreciate you two very much and want you to know how valued you are! Each of you are a very important part of our team!"

ubstaff Jane

I have been using Integra’s bookkeeping service since 2010. Integra’s bookkeepers are thoroughly professional and quick to deliver. I am very happy to recommend.


Medical Information Systems

I have used few other outsourced bookkeeping firms before finally settling with Integra. I have settled with them because they have made the process very simple and painless for me.

Mark Peasley,


Highly professional service at an unbelievably low price. They stay in the background, update my books every month and quietly send me the reports via email. This gives me complete confidence.

Dennis Laur,


My biggest fear about outsourcing was about data security and confidentiality. Integra uses a very comprehensive data security process and that has convinced me.

James Hunt,


If you own a small business and looking for someone to professionally manage your bookkeeping, then Integra is your smart choice.

Ian Morrison,


We have complete confidence and trust on Integra. As an accounting practice, confidence and trust are the two crucial factors for us and fortunately Integra ticks both boxes.


Accounting Firm, London

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