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Can outsourcing of bookkeeping work for a small accounting firm?

Bookkeeping outsourcing works very well for small accounting and CPA firms. With the advancement of cloud and software as a service (SaaS) technologies, outsourcing is available easily for small businesses. Many small accounting firms across the USA and Canada benefit from our outsourced bookkeeping service.

What if you steal away our clients? Why should I trust you?

We work alongside you for mutual benefits. We do not to compete with you. Our contractual agreements will cover mutual non-solicitation and non-competition. We will completely stay in the background and work to your instructions and will only communicate with you.

Our strength is handling the bookkeeping and back office work from our overseas offices. We do it very well. Your strength is in addressing accounting needs for your client's businesses. Combining these two provide the best possible solution.

That's why we will have non-compete agreements with our clients and make it clear to them that they have nothing to worry about. This is how we have grown to strong 300+ member team across multiple offices. We will stay behind as the trusted outsourcing partner and do all the work, while you manage the face to face client affairs.

What are the qualifications of your bookkeepers?

All our bookkeepers and accountants are formally qualified from university and are handpicked to work for you. Many of our bookkeepers are also QuickBooks Pro advisors and Xero certified professionals. Some of the senior members of our team are qualified chartered accountants and chartered management accountants.

Can you work with us on an hourly basis?

Yes. We work with many accounting firms on an hourly basis. We can also work on a fixed fee for each job or as a fixed portion of your fees. You can choose any plan based on your situation and requirement.

How can you offer such low price for bookkeeping?

Many of our bookkeepers work from our own international offices in India and Philippines. We enjoy massive cost advantage by using low cost offshore locations and we pass on this advantage directly to you.

What accounting software can you work with?

We have expertise with almost all the major commercially available accounting and tax software packages. Our software expertise includes (but not limited to) Xero, QuickBooks, Sage, SAP, Sage, UltraTax, Lacerte and more.

Can you handle payroll processing jobs?

Yes. We can handle all types of payroll processing tasks.

Can you handle taxation jobs?

Yes. We can handle all types of taxation jobs.

Where is your head office located?

Our head office is located at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in USA. We have sales branches in New York, Los Angeles and Toronto. We also have subsidiary offices in UK, Canada and Australia. Our offshore centers are in India and Philippines.

Can you send a bookkeeper to our office?

No. We cannot send bookkeepers and accountants to your office. All our people work only from our own offices. Our processes, systems and methodology is tailor made to work via internet and cloud systems. Our outsourced bookkeeping process is highly secure, works wonderfully well and easy to use. We will help you step by step to make it easy for you.

What kind of accounting firms do you work with?

We work with all sizes of accounting and CPA firms. Our accounting firm clientele range from small accounting firms to top-5 accounting firms.

How do you guarantee quality of work?

All our jobs go through several quality checks before it is delivered to you, so all our work is guaranteed for quality. We also offer a no-questions asked money-back guarantee.

What guarantee do you offer for data protection?

We are a Pennsylvania Corporation and we abide by the US state and federal privacy and data confidentiality regulations. We have implemented comprehensive data protection procedures in all our infrastructure including the offices, data centers, servers and network. For more information about our comprehensive data security measures please read our data security procedures page.

Can you supply a dedicated bookkeeper or a team to work for us on a short term?

Yes. We can supply a dedicated bookkeeper or a team of accountants to work for you on short term basis. You can get a team with bookkeeping, taxation, taxation, administration skills. You can get the team for short or long term assignments.

Can you work directly on our computers using remote connection?

Yes. Our bookkeepers, accountants and tax specialists can remotely connect to your computer and work directly on your computer. Just give us access to your computers using any remote connection software such as GoToMyPC or LogMeIn.

Can I speak to a reference?

Of course, you can speak to our references. Just write to us about it with your requirements in detail and we will give you the most appropriate reference.

What are the terms of your agreement?

For most of the projects we work on a rolling 30-day agreement for 1 year. You can cancel our service anytime with just a 30-day cancellation notice. For bigger projects with exclusive teams we work on a 90-day cancellation period.

What cloud servers do you use for data storage?

We use many cloud based storage servers including Drop Box and Google Drive. We also use most cloud based accounting software including Xero and QuickBooks online.

Do you work with both accounting firms and independent businesses?

Yes. We work with both accounting firms and independent businesses. However, for accounting firms we will just work as their virtual back office and will not interact directly with their clients.

How are you different from other bookkeeping outsourcing companies?

Most bookkeeping outsourcing companies who directly competes with us, are foreign companies and are not formally registered in the USA and do not have a local presence. Most of them do not have our proven track record of more than a decade.

We have been in the accounts outsourcing business since 2004. We have built enormous experience, knowledge and trust in working with companies of all sizes and types. We have a long list of highly satisfied clients across USA and Canada.

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