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Virtual staff for accounting firms

We know it is a struggle to find dedicated staff to work for you. Even if you find them, it costs a lot of money and there is no guarantee that they will stay with you the next year. If you don't add more staff, it is difficult to take on more work and grow your business.

Non-availability of good quality resource is the primary reason why CPA firms don't plan for expansion. But now with outsourcing, you can hire virtual accounting staff to work exclusively for you.

Manage your growth with virtual bookkeepers

You can either hire one or two staff or immediately hire a team of people. It all depends on your need and we are happy to accommodate whichever you want. You can conduct interviews and test their skills before you pick them.

Having a virtual team not only brings the flexibility to your business, it also gets you a cost savings of 50% or more. Also you will not incur overheads such as hiring costs, management costs, IT infrastructure and other expenses.

How does it work?

  • You direct the staff's task on a daily/weekly basis
  • Easily communicate using live chat, Email or phone
  • Choice of offline or on-line method of working

Several CPA firms have benefited from using virtual staff and have successfully managed their growth while increasing the profit margins. To find out, how it can work for you, contact us now.

What is the cost of using virtual bookkeeper?

It is just $1120 per month to hire a virtual bookkeeper. They can do tasks such as entry of journals, do write ups, manage accounts payables and receivables, do payroll, manage invoices, bank reconciliations and prepare reports.

The staff are available immediately to start working for you.

Why should you start using virtual staff now?

The current market situation is the right time for you to capitalise and take advantage of. The businesses that cannot withstand the downtrend will close and those that can will remain. It is your chance to grow and reduce your costs while others chart their survival.

By using virtual staff, you need need not worry about capital expenditure or extra office space. You just focus your efforts on marketing and acquiring new business. We will stand by you and support all your growth plans.

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