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Why businesses outsource bookkeeping?

Cost savings

Businesses can save about 50% on their bookkeeping when using our outsourcing service instead of hiring a part or full-time bookkeeper in-house. This 50% savings is just on the salary alone and not including the overheads such as office space, software, utilities and management time.

Saves time

Once outsourced bookkeeping process is up and running, business owners can focus all their time on running their business rather than wasting time on worrying about finishing accounting on time, tax deadlines and keeping their accounts up to date. This saves significant amount of time for every business.

Increased productivity

Typically bookkeeping jobs are handled by important people such as the business owner or someone who would be otherwise involved in operations. When bookkeeping is outsourced these people can focus their attention into business operations and it directly helps on increasing the efficiency and productivity.

Better control

Decision making at the right time is very important for a business to have a better control of the business performance. When you outsource bookkeeping with us, you will get all the important financial and management reports on time. Having the reports on time is crucial for decision making and to gain better control.

No need to hire employees

Hiring bookkeepers for managing the billing, accounts payable, accounts receivable, reconciliation and preparing reports though it is essential, it does not add any value for the business. Moreover, management of these employees becomes an additional overhead for any business and that is why many businesses choose to outsource their bookkeeping.

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