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Pricing for accounting firms

Bookkeeping-Hourly price plan

  • Full time
  • Part time
Full time Part time
Price per hour $7.85/hour $9.85/hour
Hours per month 160 or more 0-160
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Tax preparation

All tax preparation tasks - $14.95 per hour

Detailed timesheets will be sent every month. We can also agree on the number of hours in advance. Work is performed by experienced professionals with accounting degrees, at our offshore branch in India. We are a US Corporation and abide by all the data security regulations and laws.

Do you want a dedicated team?

We can supply a dedicated bookkeeper, accountant or tax specialist or a team of accountants to work for you on short or long term assignment. If you want a dedicated team that exclusively works for you, contact us with your detailed requirements.

We will respond back with a customised package plan for you.

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