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Bookkeeping for businesses

Let us keep track of your books and accounts so that you can focus on your business. Find out what bookkeeping tasks we can do for you.
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Price plans for businesses

Our rates are highly attractive even for start-ups and small businesses.
Why look elsewhere?
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CPA's & Accounting firms

Bookkeeping for accounting firms

Why spend your time on low margin bookkeeping tasks when you can simply outsource it. Find out how we help other accounting firms.
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Price plans for accounting firms

We customise our price plans to suit your exact requirement. Our rates are affordable even for start-up practices.
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Bookkeeping Outsourcing Services
We work exclusively with businesses up to $20m revenue

Modern way to handle your bookkeeping

When you hastily try to complete your bookkeeping during tax deadline, it is frustrating. What is even more frustrating is that you do a "shoddy job" because you had to finish it before the deadline. However you know that this cannot continue forever. You also know that you need to keep your books updated regularly.

If you had a good bookkeeper to effectively manage your bookkeeping, you no longer need to worry about it. With Integra, you don't get ordinary bookkeepers. You get 100% qualified accountants who specialize in working with businesses up to $20 million in revenue.

Since we work exclusively with businesses up to $20 million in revenue, we are aware of all their potential problems. We are also aware of the most appropriate solution for each problem. You can leave your bookkeeping to us and forget about it. We will keep your books regularly updated and ready whenever you need it.

6 compelling reasons to choose us

Bookkeeping Help, Outsourced Bookkeeping Services

Affordable pricing

Why bother doing your own bookkeeping when you can use our experienced bookkeeper for under $10 an hour? If you wish, you can also choose a monthly fixed price option.

Office Bookkeeping Services

Quick turnaround

Why delay bookkeeping up until your tax deadline? We promise a quick turnaround of your monthly bookkeeping. Tax deadlines won't matter anymore.

Outsourced Bookkeeping Services, Professional Bookkeeping Services

Guaranteed data security

Why bother risking your information with work at home bookkeepers? We offer comprehensive data security for your peace of mind.


No binding contract

We are very confident about the quality of our work. That's why we don't lock you with a long term binding contract. You have absolute control.

Professional Bookkeeping Services, Office Bookkeeping Services

12+ years experience (since 2004)

You cannot afford to leave your bookkeeping with inexperienced people. We have been in the business for more than 10 years. You can count on us.

Professional Bookkeeping Services, Bookkeeping Help

100% qualified accountants

Why run the risk of using a bookkeeper with no qualification? All our bookkeepers are 100% certified with many years of bookkeeping experience.

100+ satisfied customers in USA, UK, Canada, Australia and more...

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Integra bookkeepers know what they do. They are thoroughly professional and friendly.
Irv, Medical Information Systems


I was concerned about outsourcing my bookkeeping. Now I am glad that I did outsource. Integra took all my hassles away. I recommend.
Ian Morrison, Seattle